Sweden's Minister of Rural Affairs, Business Sweden and Lantmännen create export opportunities

Lantmännen had concrete discussions on food exports with Sweden's Minister of Rural Affairs Peter Kullgren and Business Sweden at Foodex in Tokyo – Asia's largest food fair. Lantmännen, which is owned by 18,000 Swedish farmers and operates throughout the value chain from field to fork, emphasized the vital role of the food sector and the importance of building up a larger Swedish export, based on a growth strategy.

"It is gratifying that Business Sweden, together with the Minister for Rural Affairs, is taking the initiative for concrete talks on this very important issue. Sweden has great opportunities to increase food exports, and Lantmännen wants to be part of that work. Increased food exports create a more viable agriculture and, in the long run, greater revenue for the state treasury. In addition, growth and increased exports are necessary for robust food preparedness over time," says Per Arfvidsson, Deputy CEO at Lantmännen.

Lantmännen is taking several initiatives to increase food exports. One example is Nordic Oats – an initiative Lantmännen runs together with other Swedish and Finnish oat actors, the agricultural organisations LRF in Sweden and MTK in Finland, as well as in collaboration with Business Sweden and Business Finland. The goal is to increase exports of Nordic oat products, including to Japan and other Asian markets. 

"Nordic Oats has several advantages for Sweden as an export nation as well as for consumers. Nordic oats are healthy and nutritious, and they also have a low climate impact. These are some of the reasons why oats and other plant-based proteins are constantly increasing in popularity internationally – including Asia," says Lars-Gunnar Edh, Head of Lantmännen Energy Sector.

Lantmännen has operations throughout the oat value chain from field to fork and is a leader in plant breeding of new oat varieties.

In addition to this, Lantmännen is investing billions SEK in several Swedish projects that contribute to increased export opportunities – including a new production facility for wheat protein in Norrköping, a planned production facility for pea protein in Lidköping and grain facilities in Västra Götaland and Östergötland, among other places.

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