Biomaterials produces products such as technical starch, carbon dioxide and technical ethanol. Read more about each product, quality and sustainability work below.

Lantmännen Biofineries' Biomaterials business area operates three biorefineries in Sweden. We are proud to refine grain and residual products into ethanol, protein and carbon dioxide.

Our offering includes technical starch, carbon dioxide and technical ethanol, paving the way for a more sustainable future. Our biomaterial products are an important part of the green transition and offer innovative solutions for a wide range of industries.

With our strong focus on sustainability and technological advancement, we are your trusted partner in shaping a more eco-friendly and sustainable world. Explore our range and discover how our biomaterials can make a difference to your business and our planet.

At our core is our commitment to using grain as the basis for creating attractive, profitable and sustainable products. We make maximum use of the resources in our local fields and invest heavily in resource use during the production process, resulting in a significant positive environmental impact. Through this commitment, we generate climate-smart value for our customers and naturally emerge as the preferred choice for customers across Northern Europe. Our passion for sustainability, innovation and environmental responsibility shapes our identity as a leader in sustainable biorefining.