We develop and market oat and wheat-based ingredients to manufacturers of food, beverages, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Lantmännen Biorefineries' Food Ingredients business area is a leading supplier of high quality ingredients that improve taste, texture and nutritional value of food products. Our extensive range includes oat and wheat-based ingredients such as gluten, starch, gluten-free starch, oat protein, oat beta-glucan and ethanol. These ingredients play a key role in creating innovative and healthy foods that meet customer needs and expectations.

Our story began back in 1876, and today we remain dedicated to the transformation of wheat and oats, which form the basis of everything we do. Our production facilities are located in Kimstad, Lidköping and Norrköping and our customers are in various sectors, with a clear presence in the food industry, including baking, vegan alternatives, beverages, snacks and pasta.