EU project to make more use of the raw material in the field

Lantmännen is participating in a large EU project - AGROinLOG - to look at the possibilities for increased resource utilization in agriculture. This includes extracting biofuels from straw.

The three-year EU project AGROinLOG aims to create new business opportunities in agriculture. The project focuses on using previously unused resources to create added value and to smooth out seasonal variations. 

In the Swedish part of AGROinLOG, Lantmännen collaborates with the research institute RISE. They are looking at how to extract ethanol and bio-oil from straw and chaff. The research aims to develop techniques to improve the yield and to reduce the cost of the entire process.

In parallel, we are also investigating how to make the most efficient use of the raw material in the field, for example by testing new collection tools for combine harvesters. The logistics chain from field to refinery is also being investigated.

For a quick overview of the project click on the movie below. More information is available on the project website:

YouTube preview

AGROinLOG project presentation