Tasty, climate-friendly protein

In 2016, we tested a new fungal protein which we believe has a lot of potential. Together with Lantmännen Cerealia and Lantmännen’s central R&D department, we have received a grant from Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova, to develop a complete food.

The background to this project is that, with this edible mushroom, we have been able to increase the yield of ethanol in our fermentation process. Because it grows in our process, we have been able to experiment in our pilot plant to find applications for the mushroom as food. The interest in new, alternative protein products is increasing, and in 2016, Vinnova ran a competition to stimulate innovation for new climate-smart and tasty protein products. In the final at Måltidens Hus in Grythyttan, we achieved nothing less than second place. The distinguished jury including Tareq Taylor and Lina Gebäck (Linas Matkasse) were impressed by the product and the concept in competition with 14 other products.

The project is still in an early stage and there remains a lot of testing and trials before we will see it in stores. The interest in climate-smart proteins in new forms has rapidly grown and received a lot coverage in the media. If everything falls into place, our mushroom may very well appear on the menu of the week in the future. Sustainability comes in many forms at Agroetanol, and the road from farm to fork can sometimes take exciting routes!