Ethanol is by far the largest biofuel in the world. But most of it is used for low blends in petrol. In Sweden, the standard blend is 5% ethanol. In other countries, different percentages are used, e.g. 10% in Finland and even up to 20% in South America. Different policies often dictate what the blend will be. Instead of a given volume, there are countries that have requirements on how much carbon dioxide can be emitted as a maximum, called the ‘Carbon Reduction Obligation’. In Sweden, there are proposals to introduce such legislation in the coming years. From a climate perspective, this is a better system, because ethanol can be produced in different ways with different climate benefits. Ethanol from Lantmännen Biorefineries is an example of a fuel with very high climate benefits, among the best in the world! Depending on our production method, CO2 reduction compared to petrol can vary, but our ethanol (E100) always has at least 90% climate benefits!