The circular economy for real

Our green raw material comes from the fields of our owners. Of all the wheat grown in Sweden, about 10% ends up in our biorefinery, the rest becomes flour and flour-based products such as bread and pasta. Lantmännen owns a number of large-scale bakeries and other food industries and unfortunately it is inevitable that a certain amount of waste occurs. Our high quality standards and those of our customers mean that some products have to be rejected. Similarly, there can be leftovers, waste etc. in food production. Agroetanol can take all such products, as they are basically the same commodity as wheat from the field! What would have otherwise been thrown away is given a new lease of life with us, as we refine residues and waste products from the food industry into ethanol, protein feed and carbonic acid. For example, we can run our own bread vans with fuel made from waste products from our own bakery. We call this resource- and climate-smart! Or simply common sense.