All fossil fuels will be phased out as the bio-economy takes over. Everything.

Lantmännen Biorefineries helps find solutions for a more sustainable society. We take care of nearly everything in our ingredients and create value at multiple levels. Our ethanol replaces fossil oil, whether in fuels, chemical products or in a future plastic.

Our feed products are high-grade protein to replace soya which otherwise would be imported, mainly from the other side of the world. What we can offer instead is a viable protein locally grown and produced with only short transportation required as a result. Finally, the CO2 formed during fermentation can be converted into clean and green carbonic acid to replace the fossil-produced version. Who would not prefer to drink mineral water with green bubbles rather than fossil fuel-produced? Our innovation-driven organisation constantly seeks new solutions in order to lead the way into a green future. Free from all that is fossil fuel-produced.