Agrow Feed 90 is a protein-rich feed raw material from the production of ethanol in Norrköping with world-leading climate performance. The advantage for you is that you can reduce the climate impact in the feed diet while replacing imported proteins with Agrow Feed 90 and thereby achieving your high climate goals while maintaining quality.

Agrow Feed 90 is produced in the production of ethanol from grain and other starch and sugar-rich products. In ethanol production, sugar and starch are converted into ethanol through fermentation. Nutrients in the grain and other starch- and sugar-rich products that are not fermented are found in the protein- and fiber-rich fraction from which the feed is made.

Agrow Feed 90 comes in two versions depending on the production line:
- From production line A12: High climate performance. Drank produced on only cereals containing 28-32% protein.
- From production line A10: World-leading climate performance and circular product. Drank produced from a mix of cereals and industrial food residues containing about 30-33% protein.