Our ethanol has a worldclass sustaibility, perhaps the best climate performance in the world. Our biorefinery produces both grain-based ethanol and ethanol from waste feedstocks. 

Lantmännen Biorefineries operates northern Europe's largest biorefinery.

Fundamentally, we are committed to using grain as the basis for creating attractive, profitable and sustainable products. We make full use of the resources in our local fields and invest heavily in resource use during the production process, resulting in a significant reduced environmental impact. Through this commitment, we generate climate-smart value for our customers and naturally emerge as the preferred choice for clients across Northern Europe. Our passion for sustainability, innovation and environmental responsibility shapes our identity as a leader in sustainable biorefining.

Our core business revolves around refining grains and residues into renewable ethanol, sustainable protein ingredients for food and feed and renewable carbon dioxide. The ethanol we produce plays a central role as a primary gasoline fuel source, with up to 10% ethanol being included in regular gasoline in the majority of European member states. Climate benefit is part of our soul, and our ethanol is considered one of the most sustainable in the world with an impressive reduction of up to 98% of CO2 emissions compared to fossil gasoline.