Clean-label Process Aid

We will exhibit our products at IFT in Chicago 15th-17th of July 2024. Please reach out to us to book a meeting or come by our booth #1554.

Transform your pumping, drum drying and other processes with the power of natural and clean-label PromOat Oat beta-glucan. PromOat offers exceptional functionality for adjusting the viscosity of various formulations, facilitating smoother and more efficient processing.

PromOat Oat beta-glucan optimize the viscosity of solutions, adapting to your specific process requirements. It provides a temperature-dependent viscosity: higher temperatures result in lower viscosity, which reverts to its original state upon cooling. PromOat maintains consistent performance across a wide pH range and different ionic strengths, making it suitable for various formulations. Its shear-thinning characteristic ensures lower viscosity under higher shear rates, facilitating easier handling and processing. This versatile ingredient integrates seamlessly into formulations, offering thickening, emulsion stabilization, and binding properties with minimal impact on colour and flavour.

For more information or to request a sample, please contact us