New launch - PrOatein Fine oat protein

Lantmännen Biorefineries is pleased to announce the launch of PrOatein Fine, a new version of the best-selling oat protein concentrate; PrOatein. PrOatein Fine contains the same high concentration of protein but with reduced particle size.

PrOatein Fine is produced via a natural process from Swedish grown oats, and is an excellent alternative or complement to other plant-based protein sources. It can be used to boost the protein content of a wide range of applications but is specially developed to be used in applications where mouthfeel is of importance. For example, dairy alternatives, plant-based beverages and lifestyle nutrition. PrOatein Fine can be mixed with other plant-based proteins with very good results

The protein content is equal to PrOatein Standard, only PrOatein Fine has a smaller particle size - resulting in a smoother mouthfeel.

Please contact us for further information, samples or a meeting with one of our application specialists.