Oat Solutions for Plant-based Beverages

We will exhibit our products at FOODEX in Japan 5th-8th of March 2024. Please reach out to us to book a meeting or come by the Swedish Pavillion #E3-F04.

Our oat ingredients take plant-based beverages to the next level. Our non-chemical processed Nordic oat ingredients – PromOat Oat beta-glucan and PrOatein Oat protein – offer versatile solutions for a broad spectrum of plant-based beverages. Whether it's a dairy alternative, a smoothie, or any other creation, PromOat and PrOatein are here to optimise your product.

What are the benefits of PromOat?

PromOat is the ultimate solution for advance your plant-based beverages. It enhances mouthfeel, offers a smooth texture, and increases viscosity without affecting flavor. Our oat beta-glucan also contributes to particle suspension, provides emulsion and foam stability, and acts as a versatile texturizer. With PromOat, your plant-based drinks will be able to claim cholesterol reduction and stand out in taste, texture, and nutritional value.

What are the benefits of PrOatein?

PrOatein enriches your drinks with protein, enhancing their nutritional value. It almost seamlessly integrates without the need for masking agents, maintaining your beverage's authentic taste and color. With lower functionality that doesn't compromise flavor or production process, Proatein offers the perfect balance. Proatein, your key to plant-based beverages that excel in taste, texture, and nutrition.

More information about our products, you can find here or contact us